A blinking light on my phone means a message, love, information, a long lost friend, something unexpected until, I CAN’T GET INTO MY VOICEMAIL!

I’d had issues with my phone for about a month. Automatic online bill payment got messed up and therefore I was behind and so my issues with my phone service began. I cleared all that up a few weeks ago, but then yesterday, I couldn’t get into my voicemail. So, I called my phone service for help. I called close to their closing hour and instead of helping me get into my voicemail the guy helped me find a cheaper package. “OK,” I said and went through the whole thing. I still couldn’t get into my voicemail when I finished with him and so the guy gave me a repair number to call which upon calling said it was a non working number. I’d have to wait another day to get those messages blinking on my phone. The anticipation was getting to me, but I was able to sleep through it.

Coming home today, the blinking light beckoned so I quickly called my phone service and the first person I talked to gave me a number to call. I couldn’t understand why that didn’t happen yesterday. I set up my voicemail so that when you call this is what you hear, “This is Anna. You are fabulous for calling me, but I’m not fabulous enough to talk to you right now. Leave a message. Bye.” I know it’s cheesy. After going through the setup I was able to finally get to my messages and what waited for me, what was blinking for 3 straight days was disappointment. There was a friend who I’d already spoken to, a hang up, and then a computer message from my phone service. I tell ya, sometimes, the anticipation, the absence of the thing makes the heart beat louder and faster with anticipation when really, it's nothing but imagination.

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