“What are you doing?” she asked.
“I’m waiting for this damn boy to call.” I said with irritation in my voice.
“Well, if we’ve come down to the damn of it then I think you should stop waiting,” she advised.

My friend was right. I’ve been waiting since 5 pm for the bugger to call and nothing, not one peep from my phone. And I’m not the type to sit and wait, watching the phone, willing it to ring, but he stated on several occasions that he would call tonight after work and even confirmed it online last night. I’ve been keeping myself busy with cleaning and knitting (I know, could I act more like a spinster?), but I could be out, with people. And I know that that is the whole point in cell phones, but when you want to have a real conversation over phone then you want to control your surroundings. I envisioned myself tonight sitting in my butterfly wing chair with my legs criss-crossed like a pretzel and the phone from the kitchen to my ear, the cord stretching through two rooms, my head and shoulder keeping the phone to my ear and my hands busy with knitting. And the damn boy has not called and so I went ahead and put a movie on. Sod him! And if he calls, he’s not getting pleasant and polite Anna, he’s getting you didn’t keep your word and I don’t like that Anna. Asses the window!

*update- and then i totally whimped out and was all nice and listening.

**up-update- and then it all went south. i need a new obsession. and hurry.

***up-up-update- the thing is is that he is just not him and well, i've decided that if i can't have him then i'm not settling for less than him. he is the gold standard. at least that's what my heart tells me.

****up-up, ah hell, up yours- i need wine.

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