it's all over but the cookin'

I love to cook. It's just one more reason to add to the thirty nine thousand other ones that I should be settled with little ones running about. Not that being domestic = babies = bliss, because I feel that there are probably some amazing domesticates who never marry or have children. It's just that cooking for one, or even just friends, is not all that thrilling. Sometimes I yearn to nourish people, like fulltime.

Anyway, so tonight I made chicken curry. I used a jar of premaid curry paste, but really it's all from scratch, sorta. I've done the from scratch thing and for the time it takes, the premaid paste is better. When I started making curries I used what the recipe called for, basil, which I completely and utterly love. Then I was watching Tyler Florence who said to put Cilantro in the mix. Now I love basil, but Cilantro, oh heck no, I hella love that stuff. I'd eat it for salad, not on salad, as salad, but I think that might over doing it. So, when Cilantro came onto the scene I changed my recicpe, I made it my own. I love it when I do that. It makes me feel like I really can cook and you only wish you had some of this.

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