3 year itch

"He's been itching it," I said to the school nurse when one of my student's had something mysterious on his skin. "I mean scratching it. He's been scratching it." She laughed. It's just so easy for the little ones to wear off on you.

But, I think I have my own itch, a 3 year one. This will be my third year in Richmond and I'm getting restless. And it's not about anything in particular, but about everything. I think I'm realizing a pattern in my life that after 3 years I begin to look around and see what else is out there. Yesterday I went to a football game at my dear ole UVA and on several occasions I said, "I miss C-ville." Because I do. I miss it so much. I miss the intense artsy/ hippiness of townies. I miss the preppy and prettiness of the students. I miss the academia. I miss the resturants. I miss the gorgeous mountains. I miss the semi-celebrities because last night at dinner we saw John Grisham walk out of the pizza joint with two boxes of pizzas in his arms. He didn't go to UVA. He just lives in town and mooches off the amazing surroundings of that town. I'm a little bit jealous of him. We'll see if this 3 year itch will put me back in the arms of my C-ville. For now I'm trying to love this town I'm is as much and Jefferson loved his Albemarle. Although, I think Jefferson had to right idea all along, that God has created few things as beautiful as Albemarle County, VA.

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