i’d like to be mo roccan

I just went to see Mo Rocca. I will confess, I have a bit of a crush on the boy. He came to town as part of the Jewish Community Center’s annual forum. Being the ever Judaism enthusiast that I am, I was so happy to hear him spout every Yiddish word he could in talking about the historical events which led to Purim. Although he was raised Catholic, it was hilarious and had the Jewish audience laughing at every “kvetch” and “schlep” reference he made. Then he went about ala “The Daily Show” and “I Love the 80’s” to talk about the ever-present political truthiness and pop culture embarrassment that makes up our media empires. I love this boy. With his salt and pepper hair and “I’m a literary type” glasses. He makes being a dork cool and that makes me a little weak in the knees. I will say that while tempted, I resisted the urge to write on a little yellow sheet for the question and answer portion, “Are you single? Cause HEL- LO!” Instead, I sat back and merely panted. That boy and his lisp and random factoids can call me anytime.

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