locks of love

I gave my hair away yesterday, 10 inches of it. Clearly I had planned this, for months, actually. It was sweet relief to let it all go. I’m a short bobb kind of girl and the long tresses were driving me a bit crazy with the drying time and the in-the-wayness. I was over it and yet the hairdresser tried to convince me to wait longer so that my hair would not be so short when she cut the hunk off. I almost slapped her as I stood there telling her that I wanted to do this and that didn’t care about the length. It was like pulling teeth and finally, finally, she bundled my hair in a pony tail, took out the clippers (the CLIPPERS) and buzzed that 10 inches right off. I turned around and looked at a year of browness and smiled. My hair is now cute, cute, cute and no, even though I thought about it, I did not take a picture of the lost locks. They are being sent to Locks of Love and I hope that someone, somewhere will find comfort in my hair, I do.

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