the world is imploding

It just seems like life is getting weirder. First, I've got a bit of a stalker situation going on. Said stalker doesn't know about this site and let's pray never does or I fear for far more things than my life. My face-to-face friends know the details, but now you know a hint of it so if something happens I hope you'll be informed. It's not that serious, well, then again, we are talking about a stalker.

Then, someone on eVite sent me an invitation to a 40th high school reunion in Salimas California. OK.

This past weekend I hung out with an old high school friend. We haven't seen each other for about 10 years. He found me on the internet. And that was pretty cool.

I'm going to a conference for 3 days with my parents (read: even though I'm a grown-up, I'll be sleeping in the same hotel room as my mother and father and yes, this makes me want to shell out the money and get my own room and then I remember that it's free and so I shut up). This trip may drive me insane. We'll see who gets me first, the stalker, or the 3 night stay with moms and pops.

An THIS, this is the best thing in the world!!!!!

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