will go for wilco

I’ve got a new love again. It’s Wilco. Last night, a sunny Sunday in Charlottesville, I went back to my old stomping grounds and sat on the lawn and listened with bright orange earplugs in my ears. I’d never been to a concert with earplugs though I’ve seen my brother do it (it’s a necessity for musicians or else they go deaf very early). Earplugs at concerts are surprisingly wonderful. You can actually hear the music much more clearly because all the distortion is filtered out. I’m just plugging the earplug is all.

But, Wilco, dear lord. I think I’m just in love, in swoon, in lust, in longing. It’s just so wonderful to love a band. It’s like a new friend that comes over whenever you want them too and they always say the right thing.

The weather was perfect, I mean perfect. We ate pizza at Christian’s, which is the best pizza in the world. Seriously, I think Italy has a run. Then we had gelato. I miss C-ville. We wore sunglasses until the music started and they sang Hummingbird which is on my of all time favorites and baby, they do it better live. Wilco are not the prettiest rockers out there, but they play and sing like they invent beauty. And then they did a double encore. No band does a double encore anymore. I love Wilco and you should too. Go Listen.

Did I mention that I miss C-ville?

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