i now have a love/hate relationship with chocolate

Exhausted would be a lite word. I craved my bed from an hour away, stuck in my car on 95 telling myself that if I got pulled over for speeding, I'd just tell the cop, "Osifer, I'm just so tired. I gotta get home and go to bed. You'd really rather me speed than fall asleep while driving, correct?" And then I'd bat my eyelashes and he'd let me go.

Needless to say I crashed as soon as I laid down and when I slowly came out of the grogginess that was a 2 hour nap, I felt like I had been hit by a mack truck. Why, you ask. Well, I went to a girl's weekend entitled "Girls rule, boys drool," because, well, they do, drool that is.

My best friend and I cooked nonstop for 2 days. We made more food than 8 girls could possibly eat and a chocalote cake with chocolate mousse, chocolate shavings, and a chocolate whipped cream frosting for her mother-in-law. It was like cooking camp. We litterally stayed in her kitchen for 10 hours yesterday and this morning. I've cleaned more dishes in her kitchen in the last 2 days than I have in my house in a month. And now, well I can claim that I can make chicken satay with peanut sauce and chocolate mousse. Oh baby, you wish you were there.

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