shitake mushrooms

When things are not going my way, I've become prone to spitting out "Shitake, Shitake, Shitake." This is not so much in leiu of actual cursing, it's just, well, more ladylike I've decided. This one is shouted when I am still in a relatively calm state like, misplaced my keys, "Shitake, Shitake Shitake." And I'm calm here because I know that I will find them and there is not need to go into the long sentence I say when things are realy bad like say, a huge spider just got lose in my bedroom. Which happens tonight, which I then let out this long sentence that starts with "Well..." and ends with "...duck." And I'm pretty sure I am the oringal inventor of this phrase. It's a good one, but I'm not sharing.

Needles to say, "Shitake" for the hole of nonblogging going on about here. There will be a new one tomorrow, I promise. If, of couse, I don't come home from a full day of work and collaspe.

And the ring below is fake and on the hand of a three year-old. Gawd, if I were that skinny and that rich, the countries I'd conquer.

Night everyone, the ambien is being to talk.

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