freedom fighter?

As of Sunday, I wear a green rubber bracelet. I once wore a yellow one, a Lance Armstrong LIVESTRONG one, but it didn't stay long. It felt too trite, too trying, too middle America. This green one feels right, on my right hand, like it was meant to gently remind me every so often by a glimpse or subtle movement that I am blessed and that others are suffering. It simply says, "Save Darfur... Not On My Watch...www.savedarfur.org."

On Sunday I went to the Save Darfur Now rally on the National Mall. I went not because I am a freedom fighter, a rallier for a cause, but because I was in town and I was interested. It was amazing. And I took pictures. There are so many words to say about what is happening in the Sudan, in Darfur, and then words are not enough to urge for action, non-partisan, pro-human life action. I've said the word Darfur to several people since yesterday and I get blank stares or "What's that?" responses.

Dear Reader,

If you are here then please also go HERE and sign the digital postcard. It is not saying anything except that you wish for aid, food, and troops to be sent to Darfur and Chad to help those who are still under threat and suffering conditions. Do it, for the 400,000 who have already died and the thousands of women who have been raped and the thousands of children who have become orphans. If these were your parents, your children, your cousins you would do it. So, I ask you, are they not your cousins still, in some respect? They are human. Help them.

And write to your Congressman and Representative. I am.

Thanks much,


An amazing little college student,
the founder of STAND-
Students Taking Action Now: Darfur.

The Reverend Al Sharpton.

This guy stood in front
of me for a good hour
and a half sewing a shoe.
That's right, a shoe.

Clooney and his dad.
The looks don't fall far
from that tree.

I could almost touch
George. Almost.

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