come find me

The screens are splashed with water. Everything outside is a little bit blurred and it’s like there are diamonds in the window strewn from the light across the way. It’s dark outside, my favorite time of day, when the sun is gone. I watched the unexpected storm gather and pour down from my new reading room, a makeshift oasis that makes me feel like I am in a tree house. I’ve decided I love it there and don’t understand why I didn’t build it years ago. What we could have done. What we could have done…

I’m reading a book about time travel and I’ve adopted the author’s tone. I do this often, get mashed up in the text so that my thoughts, my words, mimic what is reverberating in my brain. It’s confusing yes, but also quite fantastic, not unlike what an actor feels, I’m sure, when he disappears into a role. I’ve just disappeared into some words. I’m hiding in the commas.

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