happy birthday l.

L. turns 33 today even though I thought she was turning 32. Somehow I missed a whole year and I think it has to do with the denial that we are getting older. Ugh!

Today L. looks like she got in a bar fight or that her husband beats her (both of which are not funny) all thanks to me. I stood by while this precious dog jumped on top of her in a pool and he went for her like he had a vendetta. I thought he was just swimming toward her while she was underwater, but when she popped up she looked like she was crying blood. Thank God her eye is fine and I’ve told her not to touch it lest she turn out to have a hideous scar from her eye to her lip. It’s bad ya’ll and I tried to warn her to which she said, “I’m trying to think that it is really awful.” “I am too,” I replied. “Why,” she said, “So I won’t be alarmed when I actually see it.” “Yes.”

L. is moving on from me. She’s switching to another school district. I’m not really sure how in the H-E-double hockey sticks I’m going to survive without her. She has made my teaching time in Richmond wonderful. She’s an amazing teacher who rules her classroom with an iron fist, but also listens and allows suggestions. She deserves a gold star or a sticker that says, “Great work!” I’m sure I’ll feel the effects of her absence suddenly and with much weight.

It’s OK cause now it’s her birthday and I’m going to her house for dinner tomorrow and I’m bringing a surprise desert. Shhhhhh!

Happy Birthday L.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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