happy birthday d.b.

I just almost wrote “jappy birthday” which D. might find funny, but she is anything but jappy. She’s freaking fabulous and she needs to have a fabulous birthday.

D. got engaged this year to a man that I like to say she shares a brain with and it’s the size of a pea. I’m weird (who isn't?) and thereby my friends are strange too, but D. and her man might take the cake in that they are constantly introducing themselves to each other. Like, “Hi, I’m D.” she says to him extending her hand in all seriousness. “Oh, hi, I’m D.” he replies shaking her hand in equal seriousness. They have been doing this for years and this is preciously why they share one brain and that that brain is so small.

I’m really psyched that I get to spend another Fall watching football with her and dancing to the songs on the giantastic loudspeaker. It’s the best time, the Fall football games where we meet up, park our cars and million miles away, walk a million miles then just chat and catch up while the game goes on below us. It’s the 7th year in a row that we have gotten these tickets. That’s some non-football watchin’ love right there. And we’ll have these tickets ‘til we die in hopes that one day our team makes it to some kind of national level and we hold tickets worth gold. Right now, they’re worth bronze.

That’s all besides the point because it’s D.’s birthday blog and I hope she has the bestest, bestest, humpy danciest birthday ever!

Happy Birthday D.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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