"nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could"~the sound of music

I called it my “summer of nothing” meaning that nothing was on the agenda. And in this sense the nothing makes anything wonderful, an unexpected filler of time, a little present in the void. But, it wasn’t all nothing. There was actually a lot of something. So, I’ll count them off for you.

In the 1000’s
-hours slept in
-money saved (not spent)

in the 100’s
-emails to friends and strangers alike
-mosquito bites endured (i’m too sweet)
-hugs and kisses and silly songs sang with my nieces and nephew (the bestest hours spent)
-hours spent writing or thinking about writing
-figs picked
-times checked to see if there was a picture of Suri Cruise (i’m not a pop culture junkie and i hate tom cruise. this obsession was an anomaly.)

in the 10’s
-hours napped
-books read
-lunches done
-hours rearranging my house
-movies watched via Netflix
-hours lapping up pool water
-hours spent contemplating getting a dog
-songs by new artists fallen in love with
-money acquired from Amazon via coinstar($57!!!!)
-times watched Regis and Kelly and The View
-coffees drunk in the morning sitting at my desk looking out the window
-times gabbed about Project Runway
-bridges crossed

on the 7’s
-birthdays achieved/ celebrated
-hours spent walking through NYC

on the 6’s
-hours spent tutoring a little precious boy

on the 4’s
-cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery devoured
-coffee mugs from Starbucks bought on sale (i realize this is lame and boring, but i pined for them for months and it was a joyous day when they were $4 each)

on the 3’s
-trips to Busch Gardens
-movies in a theater seen

on the 2’s
-weeks at the beach
-article queries sent (yikes!)
-cousins moved
-old friends reunited with (they moved to MY town!)

on the 1’s
-purses knitted
-scarves begun
-baby shower attended
-“save the date” for weddings received
-baby friend born
-baby cousin begun
-sunscreen bottles used up
-rejection letter received
-wedding present mailed more than a year late (i know)
-weekend spent with my bestest bestest friend (i wish this was in the millions)
-movie sets toured
-guitarist for famous singer seeing me in my pajamas (the ragedy ones with holes in them, it was unexpected AND i said something stupid like, "I'm barely dressed, just running home. How was your flight? Great.....")

on the 0’s
-days until summer break is officially over

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