halloween’s acomin’

Halloween was never a big part of my childhood. We went to Hallelujah parties on the big night on a farm with real horses and cows and a real hayride. I remember it being entirely fun and I don’t think I missed the idea of going from house to house asking for candy. In my parents’ older age, they mellowed and even began stocking candy to give to neighborhood kids. The reason we never celebrated it when I was young was because the holiday technically celebrates the devil. Well, OK.

Now, in my older age, I’m a little more into the traditions of it all. First and foremost, I love fall and Halloween happens in this favoritist of seasons. By fault, I must like it. Then there is the candy corn of which you can only really eat 4 of, but still those four are fabulous. The dressing up in costumes is growing on me. I never really understood it, never got behind the puns and wordplays. Now, however I’m a little excited about it.

Being poor, however, I have to use whatever is in my house. Last year, I was paparazzo, which entailed a normal outfit, a hat and a camera. Walla, paparazzi. This year I was planning on being a Pampered Chef in which I wore a nice little black dress, high heels, pearls, hair curled, an apron, a little flour splashed about and a utensil in my hand. Walla, pampered chef. The problem came about on Thurs. night when I started to get sick. And so, the Friday night play on words went on without me, a few hours away as I lay asleep for like the 5th time that day. And I actually am sad that I didn’t get to dress up and see my other nerdy friends use they creativities to be things like Princess Buttercup with Reese buttercup wrappers in her hair or the Dread Pirate Roberts with dreadlocks and a pirate outfit.

It will all be redeemed on Tuesday night when I go about the neighborhood with my nieces and nephew and watch them beg for candy from strangers. What a weird tradition. And then when we go home and dump all the candy on the dining room table and they sort out the few pieces they will share with their Annie. Yeah, that makes up for every Halloween I even missed.

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