sardonic sedaris

Boyfriend is good. He had me covering my mouth as I laughed and on several occasions, I slapped my knee. That, my friends, is funny.

The tickets to see David Sedaris read his quick and funny illustrations of true life interpretations of actual events (whew) were bestowed on me after an all night babysitting for my beloved brother on his tenth anniversary. We don't exchange money during family babysitting jobs, usually the hugs and kisses from the kids will do, but I think guilt set in when the plan extended to an overnight. And so, being slightly in love with Sedaris, I took the bait and the tickets.

He was funny. He was smart. He was well dressed and spoke in his high pitched tone. It was like listening to NPR, but coming out of a real live person. Go read his books. Me Talk Pretty One Day is the one I'd start with first then Holidays on Ice because the Holidays are coming and you might need his sly, sometimes dark, humor to get you through it.

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