i want to celebrate the turkey

I'm not big on authority. I'm a rule follower, but I just don't like the idea of someone telling me what to do. Hence, the need and abiding love I have for living alone, free to wander or nap as I please AND leave as many dishes in the sink as I like. There are, however, a few rules I am unbearably and increasingly more obnoxious and vocal about and those rules come into effect in October, November and December.

I've never been a big Halloween buff, but this year I started to like the idea of all the tacky decorations and the creativity in costuming. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday by stretches and leaps and bounds and is, in my opinion, the best day of the year because I get to be around the people I love the best and do the thing I love the best, eat. Christmas, however, is my favorite holiday season because I believe that Christmas is a feeling and spirit and far more than just one day and therefore it does not compete with Thanksgiving. My like/love for these festivities are very strickly limited to the month in which they happen to occur.

I like Halloween in October, not August or September. I like Thanksgiving in November, not slightly hidden behind Halloween and Christmas. And I like Christmas the day after Thanksgiving and for all of December and not the day after Halloween. What I'm saying is, "I'M SICK OF THE COMMERCIALISM OF HOLIDAYS THAT ARE MEANT TO BE ABOUT FAMILY AND GIVING AND I JUST WANT TO CELEBRATE THE TURKEY RIGHT NOW, NOT THE BABY JESUS!!!!!!!"

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