on the weather

"It's January 14th and 70 degrees outside," a bewildered man said to his son this morning in the Starbucks parking lot. His son responded with some kind of quesiton about a movie, too young to care about the flip of the seasons, the unrealistic bend toward Spring in Winter, long before Winter even got here.

I'm not a fan of the flipping seasons. I want Winter with all it's rudeness and smugness. I want to complain about my feet being cold and hide under scarves and sweaters and actually use the endless supply of jackets I own. I want to wear my heavy jeans with a longsleeve shirt and not worry about sweating late in the day.

I need the huddled up, hermit like behavior inducing weather of Winter. I need snow, or at least the hope of it. I am not happy with Winter shirking it's duties. I get up and go to work everyday. All I'm asking if for Winter to do it's job. It's really not such a difficult task.


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