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I bought a rock today. It currently sits on my right hand though I don't know how long it will. It's green, not neccesarily the color of an emerald, but it's green and green seems to be my favorite color of late. And the size is beyond. It's probably equal to at least 5 or 6 carrats. It's obnoxious and yet simple and plain at the same time. Just a huge green sparkly thing set in silver. I think I love it.

When we read The Great Gatsby in high school, my English teacher asked the class what the green blinking light at the end of Daisy's dock symbolized. Thinking of the neighbor's desire I do believe I raised my hand and said, "Go." Oh silly, silly girl. My friends chuckled and someone pointed out that traffic lights had not yet been invented. It was the money and greed and envy I couldn't see. I just saw love and lust and wanted so badly for Gatsby to just go and get what he needed, what Daisy needed.

I can imagine the first boy to remark on my green, giantess ring. He'll say something like, "It that the kind of rock you expect?" "Not at all," I'll reply. "This one doesn't come with someone's heart attached to it."


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