i’ve lost a few days

While last Saturday was the best day in New York that I’ve had yet, it was not the best homecoming I’ve ever had. You know when you leave your home and always in the back of your mind is the thought that your house is burning down while you're away, but you're too busy to truly fret about it so you let the thought go until you are pulling up to your building and the fear suddenly envelopes you and you just keep repeating “I hope the building is still standing. I hope the building is still standing.” Well, that kinda happened except this time it was about my car and when I said out loud, “Where’s my car?” no one could find it. That’s right. Welcome home- your car's been towed.

I recovered the car after doling out $185. I’m going to contest the very unfair towing that occurred during my 10 day vacation of which I was not previously warned. We’ll see how that goes. They might make me bring out Mean Anna or Teacher Anna or god forbid, Throw You Out The Window Anna and that one is bad!

Upon returning from vacay I had a housesitting job that began immediately and after recovering my car I went about my duties of trying to keep the dog alive and I was settling into my new digs just fine, pretending I lived in a four bedroom home with a hammock in the backyard when I got the flu. The FLU! Full on 101.8ºF fever, bodyaches, fatigue, sore, sore throat, congestion, loss of appetite. The poor dog just had to stare at me while I lazed about on the Pottery Barn sectional couch watching BBC America and drifting in and out of consciousness.

I’m not one to complain, but is the world taking it out on me because I’ve had two beach vacations? Really, people. I don’t live a charmed life by any means.

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