spit or swallow

Yesterday, the phone rang while I was brushing my teeth. Mouth full or foam and sonic still buzzing, I run around looking for my cell phone. When I locate it deep in the depths of my purse I don’t recognize the number and think that I need to answer it quickly. And then, like a ditz, I do. My muffled “hello” allows the person on the other end to identify himself. While he does so I’m thinking “What do I do now? I can’t talk like this. Do I swallow it (ew) or spit while he’s on the phone. What. Now?” I decide on spitting and just confess it, he’s already heard me sound as if I’m under water. So I say “Hold on, I’m brushing my teeth,” then go to the sink to spit, sonic turned off but still in my hand. I apologize to him when I return and hope that he didn’t hear me spitting in the sink, 3 feet away from the phone. I realize; what a ditz, like answering the phone at that moment was so important that it superseded the mouth full of water and paste. What, what was I thinking? Sometimes, I wonder.

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