happy birthday d.h.

D. H. is a friend of a friend who is a great friend. She lived with my best friend Pretty K in college and because D. herself is so not normal, she became part of the Pretty Club. We call her Pretty D.

She is fabulous and brilliant. She works with children who speak Enlgish as a second language and I know she does a hell of a job. She's so smart that even the state of Virginia has even asked for her services.

She's well traveled. Because she is so brilliant she has taken part in classes that travel throughout the Spanish speaking world. She's gone places and seen things I only wish I could. And I'm sure she's made a lasting impression with the people she meets everywhere she goes. She's so freindly that she's met friends on the subway. NO ONE else in D.C. does this. It's taboo to talk to strangers on the subway, but somehow, with D.'s unassuming way, she brings people into her world so easily.

She has an AMAZING voice. She's sung since college and continues now in the Choral Arts Society in Washington, D.C. This too has helped her travel the world. She's so talented, her voice is like a songbird. It can make you cry. I'm jealous of this too.

Her spirit matches everything else about her that is wonderful. She is kind and generous and senstive and passionate. She deserves some much kindness and gentleness in return. She certainly gives it. She makes you feel like you are the only person in the room when you're talking to her. She makes you feel important. I hope she knows how important she is to all her friends and family. And what an amazing family as well. She is so blessed to have such passion all around her.

I wish her the happiest of birthdays. Happy Birthday Pretty D.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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