happy birthday j.d.

She’s newly engaged and I am so excited for her. Her boy took her to New York City to the diamond district to pick out her own ring. How awesome is that?!? He seems like a sweetheart and she totally deserves a good man and a good life.

I met J. my first year in college because she lived in my suite. We became fast friends because we both had eccentric, strange roommates and we needed to get away from them. I experienced a lot of my first parties and college craziness with her. I remember her late night laugh the best and I have a picture of all of our good 1st year friends and we are all laughing and J. is there with her mouth wide open in hysterics. I can hear her laugh in that picture and it makes me miss her.

There is another picture of her on my refrigerator. It is a group of girls in our 2nd year in my apartment. We are standing beside each other with Boones Farm in our hands. We are happy in that picture and totally loving our nasty cheap wine. I miss the carefree days of parties with friends every weekend, but sadly even then we were all a bit stressed. J. and I have both learned to take life less seriously since then and I love our long conversations about life and balance even though they are few and far between.

J. is a great friend because you can go weeks and months without talking and when you do talk to her, it’s like you had seen her yesterday. She understands the sadness in life and the happiness and because of this she is a true person. Her heart is always open to her friends.

We’ve been through trials and tribulations of boys and lack of boys and friends getting married and now having babies. She’s been on my side of things and we’ve understood each other so well. It’s her turn to have it all and I wish her the best birthday, the best wedding and the best life.

Happy Birthday J.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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