a camera and a pet

Before the sickness came, this is what I did on the weekend. I went to Byrd Park and watched the geese. Saturday was amazingly bright and warm and there were a million people about. I felt like I was in the middle of central park, well a little bit anyway. But, on Saturday my camera battery died after the second picture so I went back on Sunday when it was dark and gloomy and there was only one older couple sitting on a bench next to me feeding the geese with bags and bags of bread. See the look in this goose's eye. He wanted food, I had none.

For much better pictures of animals, I'd like to introduce you to my Cousin Love, Brookie Bell. She's finally and finely started a blog and she is one talented little photographer. All but three of the pictures up there right now where snapped yesterday because she needed something to put up. I wish I could walk around my house and just take amazing pictures. Anyway, welcome to and go see THE RED HOUSE.

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