I opened the birthday card and skimmed the words of friendship and happy wishes. I hadn’t seen the “Aunt Anna” at the top until B. said something about me willing to be an aunt for her. Suddenly it all clicked and this was B. telling me she was pregnant.

She’s an old friend and came to town to have tea with me at The Jefferson Hotel and to celebrate our birthdays. “I’ll pay for your portion,” I said to her expectantly. Her face was saying, “No, you can’t do that,” until it clicked and she then spoke, “And I’ll pay for yours. Happy Birthday.” “Happy Birthday to you too,” I retorted.

We were full and happy after a day of catching up and shopping. It’s been about three years since we laid eyes upon each other. Her hair is shorter, but she looks the same, cute and tiny, even with her growing belly. I can’t believe a baby is coming. My family just keeps growing.

What I love about my friends is that leaving them is difficult, but coming back together is so easy, so effortless, so much like I saw them yesterday. B. is just another wonderful friend to add to that bunch and even though we’ve haven’t been in the same room in so many moons, it doesn’t matter, friendship never leaves our spheres.

Here’s to tea at The Jefferson full of scones and cream and goodness. Here’s to friends you never truly leave. And here’s to a growing baby inside a belly of girl who’s got a friend who can’t wait to be an aunt, again!

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