I’m sure that somewhere there is a proverb or parable or even a textbook about how the small things, the monotony of our lives is what essentially creates the whole of our lives.

The small things in my life right now are that my clothes for the week are picked out and hung on an inside hook on my closet door, my sandwich and yogurt for my tomorrow lunch are packed and ready, my teabag sits in a to go cup awaiting boiling water, and my house is quiet awaiting my sleeping body.

My favorite days are the ones where I have cleaned and put away the put-away things and showered and snuggle into clean sheets with a book and a cup of tea. These are the times when my mind feels the lightest, when the day feels done even if nothing particular was accomplished. These are the days when the monotony and humdrum of my life feels like it IS the whole and living part of my life. And I like it.

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