we eat

It’s what we do. It’s as if our friendship revolves around food, the art of preparing and eating. The first time we re-met since our 10-year absence of friendship we went out to dinner. Then a week later we went out to dinner again. Then there might have just been a movie. Then I cooked some new recipe. Then he cooked. Then I cooked. Then we cooked. It’s like we can’t do anything without food in the mix. It’s the kind of friendship I dig. The perfection combination. And let’s just revisit what we’ve eaten. First there was the sauce from this over gnocchi. Then a Cobb salad. Then a version of this. Then last night, this. And heaven and lord above was it good. Well, its got 2 cups of cream in it. It is quite difficult to make anything bad with two cups of cream. I called it a heart attack in a pot.

I love food. Who doesn’t? And our lives do revolve around it. We build family traditions with it. Religions hold it sacred. We bond with it. We even show love with it. But even with or without the mix of people, food is a relationship we will never divorce ourselves from, not in our culture anyway. And I’m OK with this.

This new eating regimen has reawakened my cooking instincts. My pantry is stocked. I could throw a dinner party at the last minute and we would eat well. Or I could just whip up a cake and eat way too much of it before I gave the rest away. I’ve got recipes waiting in the wings and a freezer stocked with leftovers.

I wish I could have you all round for dinner, or even tea (I make the best scones). In this virtual world let’s pretend we dine together over cream ladenned dishes with fresh basil and warm bread. Eat my friends. It’s what we do.

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