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Is it one word or two? Candlelight. Candle light. I don't know. I don't really care. I'm begun burning candles as the weather ebbs toward cold and I refuse to turn the heat on. It does seem a little silly, to be burning candles rather than turning the heat on. But then I think of the pioneers and not only did they not have heat to turn on, but they had to read by the candlelight as well! I couldn't do that. A candle really gives almost no light at all. And therefore, it would follow, probably no heat at all. But, I like it. I like the idea of the rugedness about it. The willing of the soul in this modern age to sit in front of a computer screen and type by candlelight. It feels so Jane Austeny, so utterly romantic as well, in the non-love sense. I've begun puttting candles on the windowsills in my reading room and lighting them (along with a small book light) when and only when I am reading at night. It makes the adventure of the book, the destination I'm going to, so much more etheral. And that, afterall, is what reading is suppose to make you feel, a little bit fancy free. I might just need some candles to help me on my way. I'm sure, however, that passersby think it odd that three to four small candles are flickering in a windowsill of a room that does not seem to be inhabitated, as my reclining/ reading position is below said windowsills. What must they think of the lone candles in the windows? Do they get scare their apartments will catch fire when the unattended flames reek havoc in my apartment? It won't happen. I've got too many books up in this joint that I don't want burning. I'm not into the Naziness of all that. I just like my candles with a little side of reading.

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