thanks and giving

My friend is going to Seattle, clear across the country, a full day's plane ride. I'm sad about it, but I don't get to lose her until June or July so the true crying and tear jerking is on hold until then. She's staying to finish out the school year while her husband goes clear across the country, a full day's plane ride.

They'll miss Thanksgiving together and it being my most favoritist of holidays, I had to do something. So, I'm hosting Thanksgiving, a little early, in my house for like 12 people. I'm a little Ahhh! about it, but she needs this; he needs this. We need to say goodbye to him, support her, and just be thankful we happened into each other's lives.

I can't imagine a love for me, someone that I just can't believe I get to spend the rest of my life with, but I do feel this for my friends. How lucky I am to have stumbled so ungracefully at the foot of their friendships. For that I give them thanks.

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