happy birthday me

I’ve known Me since the day I was born. I believe she came into the world with a smile and a laugh shortly followed by a scream that made her mother mad. I’m not so sure of the details even though I was there, but I’m sure there was a lot of smiling and screaming.

Growing up, Me was prissy. There were times that she would change her clothes 5 times in a day. She was skinny and had long brown hair. She was a gorgeous girl. She now prefers no makeup and her hair pulled back, but there are days that high heels, curlers, pearls, mascara, and a fabulous purse are necessary. Actually, everyday a fabulous purse is necessary.

Me is funny. She’ll always try to make you laugh. She’ll make fun of herself and certainly of you and you will forget the stress of life. At least, she hopes you will.

Me loves music. She gets this from her brothers and she’s proud of those connections. Chances are she loves what you’re listening too even when she hates it. She listens to pop radio, but knows that this is not were musical talent lies, it’s in the backstreets and underground. She hopes you’ll be adventurous too and listen to the mixes she makes. She’ll introduce you to good stuff.

Me is kind. She’ll talk to you for hours on end because you just need someone to listen and she’ll be honest with her advice. You may not want to hear, but she means no harm. She'll write about you in her blog, but she'll never complain. She'll give you birthday blogs because she wants the world to see how much she loves you.

Me is fabulous. She’s got so much inside her that so many people love. She’s not sure why they do, but she’s damn glad they are there to tell her these things. Without her friends and cousins, Me is only a fraction of her fabulous self. She is not conceded. She’s just fabulous. So there.

Me loves you and wishes you happiness on her day of days.

Happy Birthday Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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