happy birthday m.m.

M. is a fellow teacher new to the Kindergarten team, but seasoned in the profession in general. She bumped down from third grade and I believe the 5 year-olds are much easier on her. She now has to worry about kids peeing on themselves rather than them cursing her out. Well, sometimes that too, in our school at least.

She just got married this past July and I missed her wedding. Why? Because she knew I just had too many weddings to attend and the bank account was low. Really, it was because we were barely friends. We knew each other, but not well enough to extend a wedding invitation. In September, after our first outing as “friends” she said she had wished she had invited me, but I quickly said that it was OK, that I couldn’t have afforded the hotel bill. I really didn’t care, until lately, after we’ve become much better friends and I’ve helped her paint and ready her old house for selling and pick out colors for her new house and advised her quite adamantly on a sectional sofa, that I’ve realized I truly missed her wedding.

She’s the big 3-0 today and wants no fanfare, no big hoopla. “OK,” her friends say. She didn’t mention anything about the internet. I hope she’s not embarrassed. Well, yeah, a little.

M. is a low-talker. I have to say it’s her biggest personality trait, that you can never understand her. I can’t imagine going through life hearing people constantly say “what?” to me. Somehow she takes it and quietly repeats herself. Most of the time I’m just guessing at what she’s saying. That’s not really true, but I love to tease her and her low-talking phones.

M. is good at taking my shit. I’m brutally honest about decorating and M. does not get offended. I’m amazed at how well she takes it and still talks to be the next day after I’ve told her that she was “wrong, all wrong.” I’m lucky that her husband agrees with me at times. We’re bonded through paint color.

I’m just happy M. is on the K team and that I get to go to her classroom 3 times a week and teach with her. I’m happy she switched grades cause she would be lost to me in 3rd grade and then I wouldn’t be able to truly miss her wedding. I’m happy she lives down the street from me. I’m not happy that she’s moving to the suburbs (TRAITOR). I’m happy her family owns the best bakery in town and I’ve been there after hours in the dark of night like thieves. I’m just happy she’s around and I hope she’s happy too, especially today.

Happy Birthday M.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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