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My best friend doesn’t read my blog. I’ve tried on many occasions to point her here, to spark her interest and to keep her coming back. Nothing works. Her husband is more interested in my blog than she is. I’m not sure how to take it. I know that it frustrates me and makes me a bit sad. My best friend doesn’t read my blog. The thing is is that we have been hella best friends for 12 years. It’s not like she just popped up and I latched on. She’s been there for some shitty stuff and I’ve there for her shitty stuff. I guess my question is why? What is it about blogging that can turn some friends away? Is it too personal? Is it that they know you too well? Is it that reading about the nuisances of your good friend’s life while you’re not there is strange? None of my good friends have blogs. One attempted and after 4 posts, she quit. Bloggity, bloggity, indeed. (Well, there is Kristen, listed on the right, but she’s a new friend and fellow teacher.) But, if my old, good friends blogged, I’d read. I’d read with a vengeance. I’d comment, I’d email, and if something written was phenomenal or questionable, I’d call. That ain’t happened up in here. There are plenty friends who don’t read it or only read from time to time. I can deal with that. But the friends who do read, I’m growing closer to them. I’m learning more about them too because of what they read. It’s amazing what blogging can do for your soul. But, my best friend doesn’t read my blog. It feels like there is this big part of my life that she’s not part of. That is what makes me sad. I share everything with her and I talk about the blog with her. Still, no visits. She's visiting me literally this weekend for a spa weekend care of my birthday. I may bring it up. I may just ask her while we’re on separate massage tables, heads facing the floor, why she chooses to ignore this part of me. What is it about blogging that turns friends away? My best friend doesn’t read my blog.

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