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I just feel sorry for Bush. I just feel like he is the underdog, the sad little puppy you can’t help but cheer for. I’m an underdog lover. I don’t know sports at all, but take me to any game and I’ll cheer for the losing team. That’s probably why I teach kids with special needs. Watching the debate drives me a bit crazy. I’ve learned to listen to it on NPR and then actually do something productive. I did that for a time and then turned on the TV. I just keep having the urge to pick Bush up and pet him. I keep catching myself cheering for him and then I have to tell myself that we aren’t really better off under his plans. And does he ever directly answer a question? I like him. I know he loves this country and tries real hard. I would just rather go to party with him than have him represent my country to world leaders. He’s just not a leader in my mind. He’s a bulldozer. And as a lover of underdogs, we don’t like bulldozers around here. Poor Bushy. Ba-bye now.

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